Board Members

Dominique Jolicoeur, President
Content Strategist
National Capital Commission
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Kaleigh Maclaren, Executive-Vice President
Communications & Events Coordinator
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
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Sherilynne Starkie, Past President
Thornley Fallis Communications
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Ashlea McGrath, VP Marketing Communications
Communications & Social Media Strategist
Canadian Home Builders’ Association
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Brendan Mullen, VP Marketing Communications
Director, Product Marketing
United Way Ottawa
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Gillian Magnusson, VP Membership
Marketing Coordinator
Canadian Blood Services
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Mark Brownlee, VP Membership
Communications Manager
Macdonald-Laurier Institute
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Samantha Rae Ayoub, VP Professional Development
Communications and Publishing Director
Council of Canadian Academies
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Sharon Cheung, VP Professional Development
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
4-H Canada
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Jennifer Arnold, VP Leadership Development
Associate Director, Member Engagement and Insight
Canadian Medical Association
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Maria Scopelliti, VP Chapter Development
Senior Brand Strategy Manager
Export Development Canada
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Kate Taylor, Executive Secretary
Communications Student
Carleton University
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Anna Ferrari 

Interested in joining the board of directors?

Consider volunteering with the portfolio that interests you to join the future board of directors. Each board member is responsible for recruiting and training his or her successor. See our Volunteer page for more information…

Past Presidents of IABC Ottawa

2015-2016 Sherrilynne Starkie

2014-2015 Tara Lapointe

2013-2014 Jennifer Birch

2012-2013 Kelly Rusk

2011-2012 Kerry Mortimer

2010-2011 Sandra Markus

2009-2010 Sandra Markus

2007-2008 Doug Wotherspoon

2005-2006 Gord McIntosh

2004-2005 Malcolm Bernard

2002-2003 Isabelle Perreault

2003-2004 Stephen Goban

2000-2001 Katherine Power

2001-2002 Wendy Cherwinski

1998-1999 Stephen Boissonneault

1999-2000 Beth Green

1996-1997 Mark Giberson

1997-1998 Ellen Henderson, ABC

1994-1995 Darrin Shewchuk

1995-1996 Kate Low

1992-1993 Sue Rutherford, ABC

1993-1994 Moria King

1990-1991 Christine Tausig

1991-1992 Cathy Sabiston

1988-1989 Peter Johansen

1989-1990 Freda Fraser

1986-1987 Don Reimer, ABC

1987-1988 Mark Giberson

1984-1985 Richard Chambers

1985-1986 Rick Green, ABC

1982-1983 Catherine Mason

1983-1984 Oxana Sawka, ABC

1980-1981 Dave Esler, ABC

1981-1982 Christopher Bunting, ABC

1978-1979 Joel Levesque

1979-1980 Jan Logan

1976-1977 Lorne Darlington

1977-1978 Rick Green, ABC

1975 Lucille Tessier

1976 Lorne Darlington