Canada is the world’s No. 1 brand

IABC Ottawa held a breakfast recently with speaker Greg Klassen, senior vice-president, marketing strategy and communications, from the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC). He showcased how the CTC leverages its unique brand, ranked #1 in the world, to gain a competitive advantage for Canada’s tourism industry.

He told the crowd gathered about how the forces of complexity, technology, and globalization are accelerating change and increasing volatility in the tourism industry. He said that Canada’s tourism brand competes vigorously as an unique, exotic and off-the-beaten-track destination.  In fact, for the second year running, Canada has been ranked the #1 country brand in the world.

His presentation included the marketing data his organisation uses to maximise its efforts.  He covered the purchasing model of today’s travellers and described how the CTC is establishing new marketing ‘best practice’. He cited a Fast Company article: The future of advertising and Harvard Business Review’s Branding in the Digital Age by David C Edelman as his  inspiration to put digital marketing at the centre of CTC’s efforts.

The Ottawa Twitteri were on hand too.  Here’s  sample of some of their tweets:

  • 58% of the of the decision to visit Canada is based on the Canada brand. #IABCOttawa. Brian Parsons
  • More on Environics’ social values research here… #iabcottawa, Victoria Procunier
  • Great presentation w impressive brand visuals-postcards of Canada. Thanks, Greg Klassen “it takes brains and risk not money” #iabcottawa.  Basia Vanderveen
  • Love the CTCs research about the traveler’s purchase decision path. Really digging deep to understand, strategize #iabcottawa, Victoria Procunier
  • Right person, right category and right experience: key components of advocacy, says Glen Klassen #iabcottawa.  Kristine Simpson (colleague)
  • Interesting theory – brand advocates don’t love your brand, they like what your brand does for them. #IABCOttawa,  Sheila Bergeron (client)
Enhanced by ZemantaThornley Fallis Communication’s Sherrilynne Starkie (@sherrilynne) attended the event and contributed this article.

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