Communicating about, with and for sustainability

Join us on Earth Day, April 22nd, to focus on communciating about sustainability. Communicating for sustainability is an exciting concept for communicators who want to play a larger role in building a greener, more equitable world. Natalie Lavigne, co-founder of ecoverde and a certified presenter for The Climate Project Canada, shares her award-winning experience in communications to bring sustainable visions to life.

For communicators who are ready to take an active role in addressing the social and environmental issues our world faces, sustainable communications can make what we do more fun, inspiring and meaningful. In this session you’ll learn:

  • The difference between communications about, with, and for sustainability
  • The basic principles of sustainable communications
  • Examples of sustainable communications – from the great to the downright awful
  • Quick and easy ideas to get started with sustainable communications
  • Key concepts & terminology around sustainability & sustainable communications

In support of Earth Day and our focus on sustainability the dinner served at Restaurant International will be a 100 Mile meal – all ingredients will be from within 100 mile radius of Ottawa. As well, the first 50 registrants will receive a free CFL lightbulb, generously donated by EDC.

In co-founding ecoverde in 2007, Natalie Lavigne set out to guide organizations engaged on the path to sustainability. By using her award-winning 18-year experience in communication, Natalie acts as a catalyst for sustainable change through a unique blend of sustainability and communication expertise, and brings sustainability visions to life. While her firm provides a wide range of services that include sustainability assessment, training workshops and strategic planning, Natalie’s unique expertise lies in her ability to communicate about, for and with sustainability.

Prior to founding ecoverde, Natalie held management positions in various organizations in both the private and public sectors, and through that wide experience, developed a deep understanding of corporate cultures. As Manager of Public Affairs at Carleton University from 2003 to 2006, Natalie spearheaded a number of key communications planning exercises. Natalie won an IABC Award of Excellence for the internal communications project entitled “Research Works Comes to Life” and a Gold Quill Award of Excellence in 2006 for an innovative media relations campaign.

Natalie is a certified volunteer presenter for The Climate Project Canada and is currently completing a graduate certificate in eco-advising from the University of Québec in Chicoutimi.

When: Thursday, April 22, 2010 from 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM (ET)

Where: Algonquin College
Restaurant International – Building H
1385 Woodroffe Avenue
Ottawa Ontario, K2G 1V8

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