February 26: Big Data Insights for Communicators: How Big Data & Social Media Can Improve Communications

Join us on February 26 at 6 p.m. sharp for a webinar presentation from Dr. Ann Cavoukian, PhD, Executive Director, Privacy and Big Data Institute, Ryerson University, former Ontario Privacy Commissioner, on Big Data Insights for Communicators.

Big Data is a popular term for the rapid and exponential growth of data … to be collected, stored, analyzed and leveraged … But why does this matter? Simply, companies, governments, and organizations are using Big Data to gain insights and make better decisions.

Employees and customers are leaving their digital footprints – their opinions, feedback, and issues – about organizations (including yours), like a social story. And, they are awaiting a meaningful response! As social media use and its data grows, the insights and metrics it delivers play an increasingly larger role in big data research and the opportunity for action. But, if used improperly, Big Data could be your biggest mistake.

Communicators can harness the power of Big Data and Social Media to inform their internal and external communication programs, right now. Don’t be left out of the Big Data story and its potential value, as long as privacy is embedded into the design.

IABC Canada East Region Presents:

Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015 ; Presentation Starts 6:15 pm sharp

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ann Cavoukian, PhD, Executive Director, Privacy and Big Data Institute, Ryerson University and former Ontario Privacy Commissioner

Dr. Cavoukian will address how:

  • Big data and social media can provide exponential opportunity for communicators, if done right;
  • Internal and external communications programs can benefit by collecting and analyzing “social” data;
  • “Social” contact is big business that = big return, if privacy is built in;
  • Canadian business leaders can use Big Data, with privacy interwoven, to optimize stakeholder relationships and business operations.

Members of IABC Ottawa can participate via  Live Video Webcast from the comfort of your home or office … or anywhere with internet access.

The Webinar allows for interactive Q & A at the end of the presentation. Log-in and logistical details to be provided per local Chapter upon registration.


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