In Case You Missed It: Recap of Employee Communications and Engagement 2.0 with Caroline Kealey

Caroline Kealey
IABC Ottawa had the pleasure of welcoming Caroline Kealey, who presented at the workshop on Employee Communications and Engagement 2.0.  Other topics that were included were Case Studies on Employee Communications & Engagement, worksheets on Content Strategy and Exploring the Internal Communications and Engagement Landscape and a list of the Top 10 Truths of Social Media. Below is a blurb from her official blog post about this workshop:

The starting point for the conversation was that in my experience the challenge we’re facing as communicators is the confluence of three factors:
  1.  We’re working in the most information saturated era  in the history of mankind.
  2. Social media has been the death knell of the command and control approach to internal communications – our familiar and oh-so comfortable model of packaged messages sent out how, where and when we want is no longer working for us.
  3. Our audiences’ expectations of internal communications have been raised exponentially as a result of their experience on social media – that is, an experience characterized by radical transparency, authenticity, speed, and user-driven opportunities for dialogue. Old school internal communications (think:  very rigid President’s messages, infrequent  newsletters filled with fluff no one wants to read, vacuous talking-head style all staff meetings, memos that come out long after the news has passed) are not only fundamentally broken, but actually contribute to worsening the communications and engagement experience.

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