Bagels & Budding Friendships…New Members’ Meetup

IABC Ottawa members' meetup
November 24, 2012 – On Thursday, our chapter’s newest members gathered at the break of dawn – a foggy one at that – to meet for the first IABC Ottawa new member breakfast! Braving the bleary morning, we gathered at the warm and cosy Grounded Kitchen & Coffeehouse, an unexpected gem tucked away on Gloucester St. With its open concept layout and friendly wooden interior, it was the perfect place to settle in and get to know our Chapter’s newest members over coffee and a bite to eat.

Among the attendees, there was a good mix of long-time Ottawa residents and newcomers to the city, students and professionals. Almost half of the attendees had worked overseas, and everyone had an interesting story to share, whether it be a life adventure or unique perspective on communications culture in the varying environments that comprise Ottawa’s communications industry.

Among other topics, we discussed what it was like to be a Master’s student returning to campus amongst much younger students, whether it was an advantage to hold a specialty degree in addition to a communications degree, and the best way to go about breaking into the Ottawa job market. We also agreed on the importance of getting to know fellow members and strengthening connections among Ottawa’s communications community.

For me, our breakfast was a wonderful way to put faces to names, and learn more about some of the members who form our Chapter. We had several Board members in attendance, eager to welcome our newest members and share knowledge and city connections. And the dialogue went both ways. That’s the beauty of IABC Ottawa – we have such a diverse community that whether talking to a student, Board member, entry-level or long-time communications professional, you’re always sure to learn something new.

So, a big thank you to everyone who came out! The next breakfast meetup will be in the new year, for renewing IABC members – an opportunity to thank those of you for your loyalty, learn about your interests, and hear your suggestions for future Chapter initiatives.

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