Member Spotlight

A passion for communications: IABC Ottawa member profile of Leah Jurkovic

Leah Jurkovic has held some diverse titles throughout her career of nearly 20 years. Partnerships program coordinator. Assistant scientific director. Manager, applied research and knowledge dissemination. Through it all, though, a solid foundation of communication skills has served her well – even if, until her most recent role, none of those job titles has ever… [Read more]

A passion for branding: IABC Ottawa member profile of Stephen McGill

To many communicators, “branding” is one of those mystifying, often confusing areas that is mostly reserved for the creatives and designers. But to IABC Ottawa member Stephen McGill, a company’s brand is like an investment fund that should build equity and value. A brand needs to be strategically constructed, carefully nurtured and continuously invested in…. [Read more]

October Member Profile: Meet Sherrilynne Starkie

Sherrilynne Starkie’s career in communications has taken her around the world. London. Washington. The Isle of Man. So it’s with some authority that she can stake a claim about the singular character of the Ottawa communications community. “The people are nice. Competitors often collaborate, everyone is community minded and involved in charity fundraisers and similar… [Read more]

Building a winning corporate culture with Export Development Canada


Taylor’s team (along with a sister group, devoted to internal communications) is a corporate member with IABC Ottawa. This helps the organization save on membership fees for employees so they can gain access to skills development and other unique networking opportunities.

May Member Profile: Meet Tanya O’Callaghan

Tanya O’Callaghan, for a long time, never thought about gender in the workplace. Nothing about her early jobs altered her long-held view that being a woman would not impede her career goals. But now, having gradually advanced to a senior management position, her view has changed. “It’s become hard to ignore the fact that, in… [Read more]

April Member Profile: Meet Kelly Rusk

Kelly Rusk has always had the ambition to lead. So when – in her mid-20s – the chance to become IABC Ottawa president emerged, she jumped at it. “The opportunity to lead an organization is not something you usually get so early on in your career,” says Rusk. “It was quite intimidating, and I felt… [Read more]

March Member Profile: Meet Eileen McKeever

Eileen McKeever knows it’s a cliché, but in her case it’s true: No two days are ever the same. That’s because, when you’re working in internal communications, you aren’t just working in one corner of an organization. You’re communicating with an entire company. “I love the interaction and collaboration with our internal clients in trying… [Read more]

February Member Profile: Meet Colleen Gareau

In a world where Snapchat, Facebook Live and Periscope dominate the discussion, it’s easy to get distracted by the latest communication fad. That’s why IABC Ottawa member Colleen Gareau is guided by one thing only: Impact. “There is always the new shiny thing that can seem appealing. We have to gauge how effective that new… [Read more]

January Member Profile: Meet Daniel Séguin

Daniel Séguin has wound his way through some of the biggest communications revolutions during his 30-plus year career. The rise of the personal computer. The invention of the internet. The flourishing of social media. But the Manager, Media and Public Affairs at Hydro Ottawa, has done more than survive. He’s thrived – thanks to his… [Read more]

December Member Profile: Meet Kayla FitzPatrick

  Finding a foothold for your career can be difficult for recent graduates. But following the example of Kayla FitzPatrick – an IABC Ottawa member who has helped build her career with a job she loves, a passion for reading and a commitment to volunteering – is a good place to start. FitzPatrick has gained… [Read more]