Membership Types

April is Membership Month at IABC Ottawa

Hear what members have to say about the benefits of IABC membership

IABC Ottawa offers a variety of membership packages to meet the needs of individual members. Membership types include: Professional, Student, Student Transition, Fellow and Honorary, Retiree memberships and Corporate packages.

Descriptions of membership packages are below:


The majority of IABC members are professional members. The membership fee for the Ottawa chapter is $314. A $40 application fee applies to new and lapsed members. The application fee is discounted to $30 for online applications. Join now.

Corporate Package

Corporate packages offer discounts to groups of five or more employees from the same company. Members of a corporate package can be located in different geographical areas. Packages also offer discounts on IABC knowledge products and the annual International Conference. Organizations of any type are welcome to take advantage of corporate packages.

Learn more about our Corporate Packages here.


Student memberships are available to full-time students of colleges, universities and other educational institutions as well as part-time students working toward a degree (or a certificate program in Canada), who are not presently working in the communication profession. Student members get all the benefits offered to professional members at a reduced rate of $49. Join now.

Student Transition

Professionals who have graduated from a degree program from an accredited institution in the last year are eligible for the student transition rate. For student transition members, the regular application fee is waived, and the student pays half of the international dues plus district and chapter dues for a total of $190.68.


Individuals who have been professional IABC members for at least five years, are retired from employment in the communications industry, and are at least 55 years of age are eligible for retiree status. International dues for retired members are $50.60.

Fellow and Honorary

These membership categories are conferred upon members by the IABC international executive board in recognition of service to IABC and the profession. Nominations can be submitted to headquarters. Contact the Leader Centre at for more information on submitting nominations.

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