Corporate Membership

Hear what members have to say about the benefits of IABC membership

Corporate packages offer 5-10% membership dues discounts to groups of five or more individual members who are from the same company (but can be from assorted geographical areas around the world). Three levels of corporate membership exist:  Bronze (5-15), Silver (16-30), and Gold (31+).


There are numerous benefits of corporate membership, including:

  • SAVINGS. Save 5%-10% on dues going forward.
  • CONVENIENCE. Renew your group once a year with a single payment.
  • RECOGNITION. Get a listing for your company on the IABC website with a link to your company URL which reinforces your brand.
  • COMPLIMENTARY TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP. If a member leaves your company, you may put another person in that slot at no charge (within the first nine months), which protects your investment.
  • PRIORITY CUSTOMER SERVICE. Two staff members are dedicated to service your account.
  • DEEPER DISCOUNTS. 10% deeper discounts on World Conference registration, Job Board postings, and Knowledge Center products.
  • Complimentary IABC Knowledge Centre manual for Silver and Gold levels.

2014 corporate membership rates

• Bronze (5-15 members): USD $300 each

• Silver (16-30 members): USD $290 each

• Gold (31-74 members): USD $275 each

• Platinum (new level!  75+ members): USD $260 each

Other helpful information:
– Many companies form more than one group.
– Members in the same group may be in any location.
– Current and new members may be combined in the same group.

How to get started

If you think your organization might qualify, learn how to start a corporate membership. If you have any questions please contact or if you would like to a quote, please contact:

Marie Coppola, Membership Development Director

Or phone 1-800-776-4222  (Pacific Time)