Student Membership

An IABC membership can help you excel in the classroom and in your job search

A student can become a member of IABC Ottawa for the very reasonable price of  $49. Get all the benefits offered to professional members at fraction of a cost. Student memberships are available to all full-time students of colleges, universities, other educational institutions, and part-time students working toward a degree, certificate or diploma.

Hear what members have to say about the benefits of IABC membership

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Student members have unlimited access to valuable resources, such as:

●      IABC/Ottawa’s Jobline

●      Educational materials and industry case studies, including Communication World and CW Bulletin

●      Unlimited access to the online content library and member forum, MemberSpeak

●      Job Search resources and access to the hidden job market

●      Global resources from

Students get all of the benefits of Professional membership (with the exception of the summer issue of Communication World).

Definition of a Student Member

  • A full-time student of a college, university or other recognized educational institution


  • A part-time student working toward a degree (or a certificate program in Canada) who is not presently working in the communication profession

To acquire a student membership, applications and payment must be received at least 60 days prior to the graduation date (Note: You cannot be presently working in the field of communications to qualify for this level of membership).

Proof of Student Status Required

To apply for student membership, students must submit when joining or renewing:

  • A student ID (scan, fax or photocopy)


  • One of the following:

(a) Copy/Fax of a recent transcript with name of the institution, name of the student, and a date including the year; or
(b) Copy/Fax of a class schedule provided by the Registrar with name of the institution, name of the student, and a date including the year; or
(c) Copy/Fax of a receipt for tuition payment with name of the institution, name of the student, and a date including the year

Students must also provide the month and year of expected graduation. No student application will be processed before receipt of all three of these items.

JOIN NOW. To apply for a student membership, please visit

Student transition

Professionals who have graduated from a degree program from an accredited institution in the last year are eligible for the student transition rate. The membership fee for the Ottawa chapter is $190.68. Members can only have one year as a student transition; they must then become professional members at the full professional rate.

How to Apply

JOIN NOW. To apply for student transition rates, please visit

Have questions? Email membership[at]ottawa[dot]iabc[dot]com.

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