Online Resources offered by IABC International

Online Directory of IABC Members

  • IABC’s secure, online membership directory includes members’ addresses, phone numbers, and email information. The directory is fully searchable by industry, company and geography.


  • A central hub where IABC members can exchanges ideas, seek advice, gain input, and discuss strategy.

The IABC Buzz

  • A promotion-based page where you can share personal and professional accomplishments with fellow IABC Members worldwide.

The IABC Blog

  • A blog you can read and contribute to a variety of business communications topics.

IABC Knowledge Centre

  • Access ready-to-use templates, and leading edge research from the Knowledge Centre, IABC’s vast catalogue of manuals, books, templates and reports created by the industry’s top professionals.

Online Library of Content

  • IABC’s online database includes Communication World (CW) Online (an archive of all CW issues), and presentation notes from IABC conferences and events.

Communications World (CW) Magazine

CW has gone digital.

Optimized for mobile devices for easy, on-the-go access, the new CW
includes insightful content and multimedia features that make it more
shareable and interactive.

In addition to the web edition, IABC members can access the magazine
through apps for mobile devices. The apps allow you to download each
issue to read at your convenience, without a Wi-Fi connection, and are
tailored for each device.

Apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices. Learn more

More resources provides information about the association and is a rich resource for everything communications-related. On, you can:

  • Learn best practices and get insights from today’s brightest thinkers and leaders in Communication World, IABC’s award-winning magazine (access for members only).
  • Access the homepage of any IABC chapter  worldwide.
  • Shop IABC’s Knowledge Center, the on-line catalogue for manuals, books, templates and reports reflecting current research in communications.
  • Connect with The IABC Research Foundation,  which was established in 1982 to serve IABC and its members through research and development. The Foundation funds worldwide research which supports and advances the communication profession by delivering knowledge, findings and tools vital to successful business communication.