Member Spotlight: Kris Mausser


By Kina Leclair

During the dot-com boom, Kris Mausser was one of the first to realize that not only is it necessary to create online content, but it is imperative that we make the content matter. During the last years of the 20th century, Kris saw opportunities where others did not. “It was a long and winding road that ended with certifications in web publishing and e-business from Centennial College. Somewhere during the dot-com boom and my journey, I realized that the way we communicate and the way we transact business would change forever.”

Her forward thinking and planning abilities landed her the Web project manager position at Parks Canada, where she became their representative on the Internet Advisory Committee that initiated the government online standards and helped define the first common look and feel for the Government of Canada’s web presence.

Kris’ next career endeavour drew upon her entrepreneurial spirit when she launched her own consulting company, Digital Word in 2004. “At the time, people did not recognize the Web for what it was. They saw it as a brochure, when it should have been used as a conversation.” Kris’ experience with online and offline marketing and communications enabled her to provide clients with web content strategy and writing that met their organizational goals, and was in line with web design and development.

In 2009, 5 years after she started her own company, she started a second one, with a business partner this time, called Follow The UX Leader, a corporate training company with workshops focused on user experience, information architecture, content strategy and web writing. Three years later, she amalgamated Digital Word with her business partner’s company and started a third company, DIGIA UX. “The work I do with clients in terms of content strategy and web writing has much more of a solid basis in the foundations of user experience and information architecture. That’s why I merged the companies – to provide a better experience for people online using best practices.”

When I ask Kris Mausser what her favourite part of any day is, she jokingly replies, “coffee doesn’t count, right?”

“I love helping clients with content strategy while being mindful and respectful of marketing and communications approaches and objectives. Marketing and communications is about expressing an organization’s point of view to users – what assets we have that our target audiences are looking for. Content strategy, however, looks at what kind of information those users are looking for, when they want the information and how they want to receive it.”

“IABC Ottawa does its due diligence. It’s a global organization that is well respected. In an age when people can call themselves anything without the experience or background, an affiliation with such an association is so important, not just for a professional to be a part of, but also for a member of the business community at large to recognize the value in that they’re going to be working with a true professional that keeps on top of what’s going on.”

Kris runs the Content Strategy Meet Ups in Ottawa, which merged forces with IABC Ottawa last year to provide members with resources and expertise on the topic.

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