September is Worldwide IABC Membership Month!

Throughout September, the application fee will be waived for new or lapsed members.

It’s tough to make ends meet, we understand that every penny counts so we are offering a savings of up to $43:

Fax/mail/phone enrollment savings

Online enrollment savings

  • CND: $43.20 / US: $40
  • CND: $32 / US: $30

September Membership Fees:

Membership Type



Professional $321.86 $297.56
Transitional $190.68 $176.56
Student $50.76 $43
Retired $50.76 $43
Corporate Discounts vary by size of group and location of members. Cost estimate available upon request

Canadians are free to pay in either currency (except for participants in the payment plan, which is offered in US dollars only).
that the exchange rate has not been updated recently so at this point in time it’s advantageous for Candians to pay in US dollars.

To qualify, applications must be received at IABC’s San Francisco headquarters by September 30, 2011.

    As a way to showcase all that IABC offers to its members, access will be granted to areas of the members-only website throughout September. For a limited time, the general public will have access to:

    • Discovery, IABC’s new enhanced-search content archive
    • MyComm, IABC’s online communication planning tool
    • MemberSpeak and IABC Buzz, IABC’s online communication forums
    • The Job Centre, IABC’s job listing site

    Membership has many benefits. To see just a few visit the Membership Benefits section of our website.

    For more information, please contact IABC’s World Headquarters at or our VP Membership, Mary Van Buren at

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