Sponsor Profile: JS Communications

By Kina Leclair

Jennifer Stewart’s personality makes her the perfect fit to lead a communications company that continues to expand. She connects with anyone and everyone, and her career path has provided her with an impressive knowledge of Ottawa’s communications landscape.

Owner of JS Communications, an IABC sponsor, Jennifer’s focus and commitment to projects, whether volunteer or for her company, is hard to rival. Having worked with Jennifer on several projects, I’ve had the opportunity to watch her work  as she dances between creativity and high-level strategic thinking all the while delivering lightning fast production and high quality results.

“In 2010, I was working a management job and taking on freelance work. It was not the best time to leave your job because of the economy, but I chose to take the leap of faith to pursue self-employment. I haven’t looked back since,” said Stewart.

In the past few years, JS Communications has gained tremendous momentum. Jennifer’s entrepreneurial spirit has enabled her to work with a variety of organizations. When asked what a normal day looks like at JS Communications:

“It’s everything from crisis communications for associations to facilitating meetings with Members of Parliament on Parliament Hill to pitching stories for clients. Sometimes I’ll accompany clients to broadcast interviews, other times I’ll be working on projects with the Northwest Territories Tourism Commission. It’s really diverse and that’s what I love about it. However, the skill set to be a strong communicator remains the same.”

True to ambitious and proactive form, Jennifer also volunteers as Vice-President of Communications for the Ottawa Chapter of IABC and as Communications Chair for Project North, a not for profit organization promoting sport and education in Canada’s Arctic.

More recently, JS Communications became a sponsor of The Pitch, an exciting new event that launched February 5th and attracted over 300 people, drawing the brightest technology innovators and entrepreneurs to the region’s high-tech hub, Kanata, to pitch business ideas to a panel of high profile investors. JS Communications has partnered with the Wesley Clover Foundation, led by Sir Terry Matthews, to make this event a reality.

When asked why she is a sponsor of IABC, her first reply is that they have the most impactful communications presence in the city.

“I wanted to work with IABC because of their great reputation. They have excellent programming and professional events, plus they have a strong team and board. They have their fingers on the pulse of the business community.”

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