The 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards: Alphabet Creative and the strive for excellence

By Rebecca Ford

It’s important for organizations to strive to achieve excellence in what they do, says creative director at Alphabet Creative Tony Lyons.

“Because ultimately, everybody wants to do good work.”

Lyons knows a thing or two about good work—and Alphabet Creative has the hardware to prove it.

Tony and the team at Alphabet Creative took home an Excellence Award at last year’s Excel Awards gala, and they haven’t looked back.

A strategic advertising, design and new media creative agency, Alphabet Creative’s focus is on communication, with experts covering a wide range of traditional and digital media, including print advertising and graphic design, direct mail, radio and television.

And like many other communications services firms over the past few years, Alphabet Creative has evolved.

“Essentially, we’re now there from start to finish,” said Lyons. “We’re developing marketing plans from the beginning and working with clients internally, making sure they’re saying the right thing and speaking to the right people.”

Lyons knows that aligning with these bigger objectives and thinking deeply about the work that they do is what sets his team apart.

While fairly new to the awards scene, Alphabet Creative has already received top honours. When asked why he decided to enter his agency’s work, Lyon’s answer was two-fold.

“It’s really good for the corporate culture internally to see that we’re interested in that level of excellence. In terms of praise, it’s nice to be recognized for the hard work you put in,” he said. “[Awards] are more than just an internal sense of pride—they reinforce to our clients that the work we’re doing is validated by a third party. Your client gets to see all the great things you’ve done.”

Lyons added that the awards also give them something to work towards.

“People really enjoy the idea of being an award-winning agency, and they enjoy going to the show and getting out there. It’s something to strive for.”

The value of IABC is not lost on firms like Alphabet Creative, either. Not long ago, according to Lyons, the communications community was fragmented, and lacking that sense of we’re all in this together. That’s why Lyons believes in the importance of supporting the IABC Ottawa community—especially when it comes to some friendly rivalry.

“IABC helps communications firms to see what’s around them. We all work so hard and don’t really take the time to look up every now and then to see what everyone is doing,” he said. “If you see your competitors winning an award, it makes you work a little harder. It’s gives people that sense of healthy competition.”

Due to the success of last year’s event, Lyons and the team at Alphabet Creative are looking forward to the upcoming 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards on May 16th.

“Although our industry is corporate and professional, we tend to be a bit more fun-loving and funky,” he said. “Last year’s event reflected that.”

Join us for a night out, celebrating the hard work of our community’s communications stars. Submit your work online today!

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