The 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards: Excellence inMotion

By Rebecca Ford

The film and television industry is in an especially exciting stage of growth and transition in our city, says Sarah Fodey, vice president and senior producer at inMotion—and being a part of IABC, whose mission is to foster a professional network among the community’s creative and communications professionals, has proven invaluable.

Headquartered in Ottawa with offices in both Toronto and Calgary, Fodey and the team at this award-winning film, TV and web content production powerhouse know that without IABC, the community would be fractured.

“Thanks to IABC, we are networked together and stronger for it,” she says.

It’s no wonder inMotion values unity. After all, that’s part of what makes their team click—the strong relationships they build with their clients.

“We don’t just produce videos, we build relationships. Clients expect us to excel at production and execution; what they don’t necessarily expect is that they’ll have a naturally fantastic time in the process,” Fodey says.

Of course, the relationships they build with each other are equally important.

“We are so much more than colleagues, and the strength of these bonds empowers each of us to grow in unique and unexpected directions, which in turns allows our clients to feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed when they collaborate with us,” she added.

inMotion—who took home an Excellence Award at last year’s gala—knows that recognition for their excellent work is the driving force behind their success. Not only does it push them to compete against themselves and others in the community who also produce quality work, but it also forces them to raise the bar on their own expectation of excellence.

Most importantly, says Fodey, the awards are a tribute to their clients.

“Much of this work would not exist if it weren’t for them,” she says. “When we won the Excellence Award last year, the greatest moment was not our own, but one we shared with the client involved in that project. That client now proudly displays the award statue at their workplace, a symbol of the strength of our relationship and the promise of more collaboration to come.”

For companies like inMotion, being a part of IABC not only gives them access to professional development and communications resources that would be difficult to find otherwise, but also the opportunity to compete for internationally recognized awards.

It especially allows them to earn some serious bragging rights. For Fodey, an award is worth a thousand aggrandizing adjectives, and sends the strong message that inMotion is an industry leader.

“When recruiting new clients into our fold, there’s only so much self-promotion that we can legitimately spout without producing evidence to back up our claims,” she says. “[The awards] are objective proof that we walk the walk of industry excellence, and it has helped us let prospective clients and partners know at a glance that we have much to offer the communications community.”

Join us on May 16th for the 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards, and walk the walk of industry excellence just like inMotion. See you there!