The 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards: going the distance with Impact Public Affairs

By Rebecca Ford


There are two key factors that make Excel Award winner and Ottawa-based communications and PR firm Impact Public Affairs stand out, according to President Huw Williams.

One is their genuine enthusiasm for solving problems, and the other is their willingness to go the distance—being there for their clients from point A all the way to point Z.

“Enthusiasm is part of our corporate DNA,” Williams said. “We’re also not in the business of just giving our clients advice—we are right there the whole time, actually making things happen for them.”

With a slew of awards already under their belt, Impact Public Affairs jumped at the chance to support IABC Ottawa when they submitted their work for last year’s Excel Awards.

“We thought, here’s an Ottawa-based chapter trying to promote PR activity in the National Capital Region, and that’s something we should support and become a part of,” said Williams.

Being recognized for their work on a campaign for the seven national golf organizations on both a national and local level made Impact Public Affairs’ success extra special—not only for their clients, but for their internal team as well.

Williams noted that winning an Excel Award gave their clients something to rally behind and get their members energized about. When it came to their own team, he said that winning an award created a bond, and a special sense of joint accomplishment.

“We all worked really hard and rolled up our sleeves. The time we spent together at the awards was very special and something that IABC should be very proud of,” he added.

Aside from the awards, one of the things Williams values most about being part of IABC is access to a vast array of networking opportunities. Being introduced to our community’s assortment of creative individuals via networking events is, according to Williams, an expansion of the mind.

“When you go to [IABC’s events], you never know who you’re going to meet,” he said. “Sometimes it’s a unique mix of people you wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to. You get a unique perspective to talk informally about things, and it’s that creativity and that blend of networking that makes it a unique place.”

Williams encourages anyone who may be sitting on the fence to join in the events and become a part of IABC to see for themselves just how diverse and remarkable our communications, PR, advertising and design community is.

“You will get something out of it for sure,” he said.

Join us for the 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards on May 16th at St. Brigid’s Centre for the Arts, where communicators from across the nation’s capital will meet, mingle and celebrate marketing, communications and creative achievement.