The 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards: let bv02 inspire you

By Rebecca Ford

Did you complete an award-worthy communications campaign in 2012? If so, now is the perfect time to submit your entry for the 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Let local digital creative agency and previous Excel Award winner bv02 tell you why you shouldn’t wait another second to enter your work. bv02 is not just an award-winning agency chock-full of innovative people who develop top-notch products and concepts. It’s also a company who knows the value of being a part of the IABC community.

“This circle of business communicators has been a group that we’re connected to and know really well,” said bv02 strategist Matt Davidson. “Whether you’re developing websites or producing videos, it all comes back to solving communications and marketing problems.”

When they’re not busy coming up with the latest cutting-edge ideas and designs, Davidson and the team at bv02 can usually be found at one of IABC Ottawa’s many professional development and networking events throughout the year.

“We always have two to three team members at these events,” he stated. “Ottawa is a pretty closely-knit circle, and they’re a great way to maintain a connection to the community, and also the connection to other circles.”

Davidson should know—he’s experienced this kind of networking first-hand. After being introduced to the CPRS Ottawa-Gatineau community through IABC, he was recently asked to speak at one of their events.

“Without those folks at IABC making that connection, that would never have happened,” he said.

With a slew of Excel awards already under their belt, Davidson and his team at bv02 also know that being recognized by IABC at the Excel Awards each year speaks volumes about the quality of their work.

“When you can say to a client that their project has been recognized by this community, that’s where the value comes from,” said Davidson. “The biggest thrill for me, and for all of us here, is making the client happy by assuring them that their work is valued even outside of their circle.”

The 2013 Excel Awards are slated for Thursday, May 16th. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for the communications community to know who you are. Submissions will be accepted online from now until Wednesday, March 6th. Download the Call for Entries today and start preparing your submissions.

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