The 2013 IABC Ottawa Excel Awards: work that matters at Acart Communications

By Rebecca Ford

Excel Award winner and local ad, design and digital agency Acart Communications specializes in “Social Issues Marketing”, a category they coined to encompass the unique combination of social, cause, and responsibility marketing they do for a range of national public, private and not-for-profit-sector clients.

“When we develop communications and creative strategies for our clients, their audiences are motivated by issues that they care about,” said Tom Megginson, Creative Director at Acart. “Our focus on advertising within a ‘big picture’ issues context gives us particular expertise in creating campaigns that are more like causes or movements than traditional marketing.”

Their rallying cry is to do work that matters —helping the businesses and organizations that contribute to everyone’s quality of life grow and prosper. To do this, they engage their team’s multidisciplinary skills in advertising, design, branding, marketing, and digital and social media engagement.

Acart also specializes in helping clients foster private-sector/NGO partnerships. Megginson referenced Acart’s recent work with Toyota and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation as an example.

After deciding to apply for an Excel Award in 2011—and winning—Acart was so impressed with the awards and with IABC that they decided to apply again the following year.

That proved to be a great decision.

Acart came away with two honours at last year’s ceremonies—an award for Merit and one for Excellence. What drew them in once again was the way IABC increased the prominence of the awards ceremony over the past few years.

“We appreciated the value of competing for a local Excel,” Megginson said.

Winning an Excel Award means more to Acart than just being recognized for their fantastic work. It’s an honour that they are able to share with each other, as well as with their clients.

“[Excel Awards] are a source of pride, internally, and our clients were really pleased to share in the honour—even those outside of Ottawa,” said Megginson.

When asked about what Acart values most about IABC, Megginson commended the IABC Ottawa community for doing such a great job in bringing everyone together, and highlighting the success and talent of its members.

“We value any attempt to create a sense of pride and community in Ottawa’s advertising industry. As a city, we need to do much more work to showcase our local talent, expertise, and success on the national stage.”

Don’t miss out on the IABC Ottawa 2013 Excel Awards—submit your entry online today by downloading the Call for Entries. See you on May 16th!

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