The 2017 IABC Ottawa Communicator of the Year


Who is the 2017 IABC Ottawa Communicator of the Year?

We don’t know yet, but we’re calling on YOU to help us figure it out!

But wait, what is the Communicator of the Year (COTY) Award?

The Communicator of the Year (COTY) Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of an Ottawa-based organizational leader who shows excellence in the field of communications. Although they are not a communicator themselves, the recipient should be seen as a role model and trusted mentor to his/her peers within the community.


The Communicator of the Year should be:

 A leader:

  • A business leader in the community.
  • An exceptional leader that has employed strategic communications to drive phenomenal growth in his/her company.
  • Someone whose exceptional communication skills have positively affected those around them.
  • They have done something timely or have shined in the last year for some reason.

A role model:

  • A role model in the communications and non-communications community alike.
  • A mentor who is a trusted counselor and teacher to his/her peers.

Why submit a name for the COTY?

  1. Recognize a great boss/supervisor that has made a difference in your career
  2. Recognize a leader in the Ottawa community that has inspired you to do better
  3. Recognize a mentor that has held your hand through the thick and thin of maneuvering through your life as a communicator
  4. Recognize a passionate individual that is making a difference in the lives of others

List of previous winners

2012: Adrian Salamunovic, Co-Founder of DNA 11 and CanvasPop

2013: Hélène Campbell

2014: Mayor Jim Watson

2015: Chief Charles Bordeleau

2016: Honourable Mauril Bélanger

Submit your nomination

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