Episode 13: Converging Media, Part 2

Are you harnessing the power of converging media channels? Dive into this incendiary, two-part edition of The Voice to find out how to make sense of it all — and leverage this phenomenon to help your organization make impactful change.

The Voice co-host Graham Machacek engages in an insightful discussion with Bernard Gauthier, CEO of Delta Media, and Nicholas Charney, Advisor to the ADM at Library and Archives Canada, to break down key take-home points on this vast topic. Bernard and Nick are both keynote speakers at MARCOM (www.marcom.ca). This cast is all part of the lead up to the can’t-miss conference, which takes place June 1 and 2 at Ottawa Convention Centre. Join the conversation now by sharing your comments on this episode.

Produced at the MediaStyle Studio at The CodeFactory. The Voice is also available on iTunes.

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