Episode 17: The Future of .ca

It is often said that the Internet ‘has no borders’, yet CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) is proactively engaging Canadians in an effort to frame effective Internet policy. In 2009 CIRA commissioned an opinion survey on Internet policy making, and in February of 2011 it hosted the Canadian Internet Forum. A visit to www.cira.ca will reveal the winners of the organization’s .CA Impact Awards.

Is this focus on ‘Canada’s Internet’ necessary or useful? Jud Rasmussen sat with David Fowler, CIRA’s Director of Marketing and Communications, to find out.

Produced at the MediaStyle Studio at The CodeFactory. The Voice is also available on iTunes.


  1. Samer says:

    Excellent interview. Great insights into .CA and very nice to see CIRA taking that initiative to advertise and brand the extension.

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