Episode 45: What's The Most Important Ingredient of a Successful Agency/Client Relationship?

confessions of a madmanImagine having a chance to talk with someone who not only lived in, but conquered the world we see depicted on AMC’s award-winning drama <em>Mad Men</em>! On this week’s episode, host Danny Starr gets a chance to speak with George Parker who shares his thoughts on what makes a successful client/agency relationship based on his over 40 years in the advertising business. Be warned: George doesn’t hold anything back. You are guaranteed to learn things that apply to agency and client relationships from this frank discussion of the past, present and future of the world we work in.

Core Insight: Don’t be afraid to take risks, blaze new trails and trust the people you work with.

George Parker is the author of Confessions of a Mad Man and maintains a blog Adscam – a hilarious and honest look at the world of advertising.

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