The Voice ep 44: Lost in Translation (and Adaptation)

LionnetMarie-Josee GagnonAccurate language translation alone isn’t enough to engage diverse cultural communities. The Voice co-host Graham Machacek chats with Marie-Josée Gagnon, president and founder of Casacom, and Francis Lionnet, principal at Comment Parler Aux Anglais to explore why this is the case.

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CORE INSIGHT: Adapt languages and content to achieve culturally meaningful communications.

This episode is delivered in English but both guests recap key points in French at the end of this podcast (at minute mark 14:22). Connect with Graham Machacek at Macadamian or on LinkedIn. Marie-Josée is on Twitter in three places – @mjgagnon, @CASACOM_Mtl, and @CASACOM_Toro. You can also contact Francis Lionnet online at

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