The Voice ep 47: Think like a publisher

Alexandra Reid sits down with award-winning marketer and author C.C. Chapman to talk about storytelling and why businesses must learn to think like publishers. Pulling advice from his books, Content Rules and Amazing Things Will Happen, C.C. tells us about today’s online environment and the attention economy and emphasis why it’s so important for businesses to stop stalling and begin developing their online presence NOW. He also explains why he hates the term “content marketing” and shares stories about who did it well and who failed epically. Most importantly, C.C. offers advice about how to become amazing at your job, and find happiness in the work you do.

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Interesting content worth your attention:

2:08: It’s hard for businesses to get attention online today because of all the content noise. Despite this, the media environment is persuading businesses to become publishers. C.C. says brands have to learn how to get our attention. Really good content tells a good story and causes an emotional response, he says. The best educates, entertains or inspires.

3:45: Businesses are getting social and content marketing isn’t going away. You can’t ignore the web anymore, says C.C. Businesses have to start thinking strategically about it.

3:40: C.C. explains what businesses need to keep in mind as they begin to produce content that could be categorized as brand journalism by their audiences.

5:54: Lots of businesses complain that they don’t have the time or resources for content marketing. C.C. says they need to consider what else they are focusing their attention on to ensure resources are allocated to the cause. There’s no excuse.

7:25: Great storytelling isn’t everything for a content marketing program to be successful. C.C. tells us the key steps required to come up with great story ideas in the first place and then how to get eyeballs and engagement on that content.

10:10: C.C. shares a story about a businesses that did content marketing really well, and another that failed epically.

14:15: C.C. explains how the heck he got to be so damn successful, and how he found happiness in his work.


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