The Voice ep 48: How to Take Your Mobile Strategy to the Next Level

It’s 2013 and time for marketers and communicators to take their mobile strategy beyond “apps” and start to think more strategically about how they can add value to people’s lives using mobile technology. Host Danny Starr talks via Skype with Whurley from Chaotic Moon. Whurley provides listeners with a number of important questions they need to answer in order to take their mobile strategy to the next level.

Important questions answered:

  • What data should you be looking at when developing your mobile strategy?
  • What in-app data should you be leveraging to make decisions about your app’s usefulness?
  • When should you develop a stand-alone app and when should you use the mobile browser?
  • What are some examples of great mobile strategies communications can look to for leadership?
  • What are Whurley’s thoughts on BlackBerry 10?
  • What do marketers and communicators need to be thinking about over the next few years?

Produced by MediaStyle. TheVoice is also available on iTunes.

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