The Voice Episode 101: The Art of Podcasting: Lessons from the CBC

Neil Morrison

An episode on podcasting – how meta, we know! The popularity of podcasts is on the rise – in Canada and around the world. People love them for their intimate nature, the convenience of listening to a good story – any time, any place. But podcasting isn’t for everyone, and nobody knows this better than Neil Morrison, founding producer of CBC Radio’s The Current. Over the course of fifteen years in radio, Neil led several high-profile CBC Radio programs including, The House, As It Happens and The Current.

Neil shares with Tina Barton what his time with the CBC taught him about podcasting and storytelling, what makes or breaks a story (or a guest!), and where his journey has brought him today.

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  1. Hello: This was filled with good advice, interestingly given! There were a number of points that jumped out and I especially like the notion of asking: “what will we never do.” It’s applicable to so many communication initiatives. Thank you!

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