The Voice Episode 49: Marketers and Communicators Share Trends for 2013

As marketers and communicators begin to plan for 2013, it’s important to take a few moments to consider what trends are emerging that we can leverage to be more effective. Host Danny Starr uses interviews gathered at the CPRS/IABC Ottawa holiday party coupled with an international perspective courtesy of Steve Seager, Director of Communications for IABC Europe and Middle East to bring you a wealth of insight on what developments you might want to be thinking about for 2013.

We hear from:

Chris Biber, Searchingworks: President & CEO.
Kate Headley, Canadian Nurses Association: External Communications Coordinator.
Glenn Schmelzle, Marketing What’s New: Principle.
Laura Slater, MediaMiser: Marketing Manager.
Phil Gaudreau, Algonquin College: Communications Officer.
Steve Seager, Storywise: Consultant.

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