The Voice Episode 51: How Understanding the Human Brain can Help You be an Effective Marketer and Communicator

Our ever-expanding understanding of the human brain and how it works is changing everything from the way we live our lives to way we market products. This stuff isn’t just for doctors and researchers anymore. If you look at the New York Times’ list of bestselling books you might see John Medina’s Brain Rules. if you watch Oprah Winfrey, you might have seen her interviewing Martin Lindstrom, author of Buyology.

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The fascinating field of neuromarketing leverages our understanding of how the brain works to better predict how consumers will respond to brand messaging. In short, if you understand how a brain is going to respond to a message before you even develop a concept, you might have already won the battle.

Host Danny Starr is joined by Calgary-based neuromarketing practitioner Bob Baily of Francis Moran and Associates to tell you why you shouldn’t take it personally that consumers don’t care about what you have to say about yourself. They only care about what you can do for them and why you have less than a second to get that point across.

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