The Voice Episode 53: Marketing for Startups with Tara Hunt

Tara HuntAs many startup founders are painfully aware, marketing can be bloody expensive. So expensive that it often gets thrown to the back-burner as they focus on just getting their minimum viable products developed and out the door. Startup maven Tara Hunt offers marketing advice for startups on a shoestring based on her own experiences successfully launching Buyosphere and offers personal branding advice by explaining the rise of Miss Rogue. You can connect with Tara and Alex on Twitter @MissRogue and @TechAlly, respectively.

Here are some important points worth your attention:

1:25: Tara introduces herself.

3:32: When marketing should be considered in the startup budget and how much attention it deserves when considering how much it takes to develop a product in the first place.

6:41: The merits and hazards of hiring a jack-of-all-trades marketer, hiring out to an agency, and founders trying to do marketing themselves.

10:37: Whether or not startup founders should buy into content marketing, and what kinds of content marketing they should do with limited budgets and company history.

15:10: “Well behaved women seldom make history.” – Tara explains what this quote means to the rise of her online personality, Miss Rogue

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