The Voice Episode 63: Let’s Talk WebRTC with Lawrence Byrd & Mark Lindsay

This week on The Voice, our host Graham Machacek sits down with Lawrence Byrd, who is an independent strategist and consultant, and Mark Lindsay, President at Ottawa Product Management Association.

In this episode, Lawrence and Mark give us insights on Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) and how it is shaping the way we will communicate. With this new technology, we can move away from stand-alone linear campaigns to start orchestrating cross-channel interactions and create personalized experiences. So what’s the role of WebRTC in today’s marketing landscape? Listen to get the full story on this open source project.

If you’d like more information about WebRTC, here are some resources mentioned during the episode:

– Discussed at Forbes, a look at Forrester’s study “The Rise of Marketing Orchestration”.

– As examples, Lawrence mentions organizations like TokBox and RingDNA

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Mark Lindsay

Mark Lindsay

Lawrence Byrd

Lawrence Byrd

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