The Voice Episode 74: Become The Ideal Marketer with Doug Michaelides


This week on The Voice, our host Graham Machacek sits down with Doug Michaelides, Vice President and Practice Leader, Sales and Marketing at Stratford Managers. They chat about one of Doug’s most recent blog posts: Marketers – It’s Hip to be Square! They discuss the benefits of diversifying your experience as a marketer.

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To Doug, the ideal marketing executive has experience in four areas:

1. Product or Solution Marketing (market identification and requirements, value propositions, business cases, etc.)
2. Communications (marcoms, PR, AR, IR, social media, etc.)
3. Commercial Marketing (distribution, channels and pricing, etc.)
4. Demand Generation (campaigns, lead generation, etc.)

For something fun, here’s the official video for the Huey Lewis and The News song “Hip To Be Square”

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