The Voice Episode 85: The Platform for Community Knowledge with Lee Rose

Lee Rose

In this episode of The Voice, our host Gabriela Warrior Renaud chats with Lee Rose, Community Knowledge Exchange Director and CKX Summit Sherpa. They discuss how CKX has worked to build a platform for social change, giving individuals and communities the space and network to start shifting the system.

Lee describes how community knowledge works, much like bringing everyone’s pile of Lego (or resources) together and finding solutions as a community. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we can tap into existing data to move forward. He gives the great local example of Hidden Harvest, who uses the city’s existing data to pick fruit and nuts from public and private properties, that would otherwise go to waste. You can watch the video about Hidden Harvest’s involvement with Community Knowledge here:

He also talks about the success of the inaugural CKX Summit, that was held in Toronto last November. Lee gives some great advice on organizing powerful conferences to bring networks together and leveraging the community’s strengths. He also shares some insights on driving your communications forward and keeping it relevant as your project evolves.

Check out some resources that Lee mentions during the episode:

Derek Sivers’ TED Talk: “How to Start a Movement’:

Brain Pickings: A library of cross-disciplinary interestingness and combinatorial creativity:

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This episode was produced by Thornley Fallis.

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