The Voice Episode 86: Owning a Celebration – Lessons From “Canada 150”

Guy Laflamme

As communicators, inevitably at some point in our careers, we’re asked to plan a commemoration. Guy Laflamme, Head of “Ottawa 2017” Celebrations, shares with host Tina Barton key steps for planning a national-scale, multi-partner celebration, including tips for onboarding partners, ensuring community ownership, and leveraging the latest digital tools for user-generated, real-time content integration. He also reveals a sneak peek of what Ottawa – and Canada – can expect for Canada’s year-long birthday party, as we celebrate 150 years.

Expect business strategy, marketing tactics, and practical takeaways you can apply to your own events. Listen now!

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Start – Setting the scene; a preview of what to expect from Canada 150 and Ottawa 2017.
7:00 – What do Canadians want? What are Ottawa’s goals? Value of an environmental scan…
10:45 – Commemorations can have unexpected possibilities… and the importance of both looking back and looking forward.
13:01 – The building blocks of strategic planning; unique competitive advantages.
16:50 – Onboarding partners. Community ownership. Parameters.
24:22 – How do we make Canada 150 a year to remember?
25:38 – Progressive digital technology. (But real-world marketing has a big place too).
32:11 – Forecasting the future. Getting involved.

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