The Voice Episode 90 – Studying and Working in Communications with Tim Schwab

In this episode of The Voice, our host Gabriela Warrior Renaud chats with Tim Schwab, Associate Professor for the Department of Communications Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. They discuss how the Communications Studies program is structured, and what it offers students who are looking to start a career in Communications.

With a background in documentary filmmaking and still actively producing documentaries, Tim shares his insights about the functions of communications in more technical terms. He describes the program at Concordia as a space that nurtures both theoretical and practical skills. As a graduate from the program herself, Gabriela shares her experience with the program, crediting it for her ability to juggle these different roles as she started her own career in communications.

They discuss the importance of creating a community with the students, to encourage them to use each other’s skills in projects they work on even after graduating. Tim describes the program’s goal to create well-rounded graduates who understand the theory and history of communications but who also have saleable skills in terms of production.

Tim touches on how the program has evolved to keep up with changing technology, from creating a new “smart” building for the program to fostering a new generation of students who may be more comfortable with social media than their professors. They need to leverage the knowledge of these students who are already immersed in online networking. Learn more about the Communications Studies program, the different research topics of the Department and connect with the faculty here:

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This episode was produced by Thornley Fallis.

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