The Voice Episode 91- Strategic Leadership and Crisis Communications: Lessons From Canada West

This week, we’re taking you to Calgary and turning it over to guest host Will Tigley, Vice-President of IABC Calgary, who brings us insights from the keynote speakers at the IABC Canada West Region Conference.

Will discusses leadership strategy with Michelle Ray, leadership expert and founder of the Lead Yourself First Institute; and planning for the worst with Gerard Braud, crisis communications expert and former frontline global journalist (nowadays Gerard Braud Communications).

  • How can you leverage a position of strength and captivate the attention and imagination of others? (Hint: Demonstrate that you understand their positions, perspectives and interests before you introduce your own suggestions).
  • Are you prepared to fend off online haters attacking your brand? How will you represent and position your organization in a crisis? (No hints; listen to this episode!)

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Photo (L-R): Gerard Braud, Gerard Braud Communications; Michelle Ray, Lead Yourself First Institute


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