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Episode 17: The Future of .ca

It is often said that the Internet ‘has no borders’, yet CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) is proactively engaging Canadians in an effort to frame effective Internet policy. In 2009 CIRA commissioned an opinion survey on Internet policy making, and in February of 2011 it hosted the Canadian Internet Forum. A visit to will reveal… [Read more]

Episode 16: Brand – Deconstructed and Reconstructed with Jon McGinley of Radian6

Is your organization following through on its promise to its stakeholders? The Voice co-host Graham Machacek sits down with Jon McGinley, Director of Marketing, Radian6, at the MARCOM conference to dissect the components of a strong brand, the difference between brand and reputation, and how “social listening” can help protect a brand. Produced at the… [Read more]

Episode 15: ENGAGE! New Perspectives on Social Media with Brian Solis

Ashton Kutcher and MC Hammer. Egosystem. Context not Content. What the heck does all this mean? Find out when Graham Machacek sits down with Brian Solis, author of Engage! and principal at Altimeter Group, to discuss new trends in the world of social media, the importance of influencer relations, core concepts from Brian’s new book,… [Read more]

Episode 14: Social Media Measurement – Are We Finally Doing It?

2011 was to be the year of Social Media Measurement. This was to be the year that marketing professionals stopped worrying about their daily tweet count and worked to determine where their social media efforts should be focused. Six months in Jud Rasmussen sits with Scott Lake, the Founder and CEO of SWIX, a social… [Read more]

Episode 13: Converging Media, Part 2

Are you harnessing the power of converging media channels? Dive into this incendiary, two-part edition of The Voice to find out how to make sense of it all — and leverage this phenomenon to help your organization make impactful change. The Voice co-host Graham Machacek engages in an insightful discussion with Bernard Gauthier, CEO of… [Read more]