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Episode 12: Converging Media, Part 1

Are you harnessing the power of converging media channels? Dive into this incendiary, two-part edition of The Voice to find out how to make sense of it all — and leverage this phenomenon to help your organization make impactful change. The Voice co-host Graham Machacek engages in an insightful discussion with Bernard Gauthier, CEO of… [Read more]

Episode 11: Countdown to MARCOM 2011

Graham Machacek chats with Claire Mills, VP, Professional Development Portfolio, Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing, to drill down on emerging trends that marketing communications professionals are grappling with and how to handle them on the job. It’s all part of another slick info-rich edition of The Voice with special take-home points about the forthcoming MARCOM conference, which takes… [Read more]

Episode 10: Search in the Age of Social

Do you look at your web site with ‘Googly Eyes’? Does Search Marketing factor into your Social Media efforts? What’s the bounce rate on your homepage? If you’ve let Social Media push Search out of your marketing mix then listen in as Jud Rasmussen sits with SearchingWorks founder Chris Biber to discuss Search Marketing fundamentals,… [Read more]

Episode 9: JOBLINE: Eight Things Every Job Hunter Needs

Looking for work? It’s all about planning for success and being ready to deliver — beyond a great resumé. Every job hunter needs eight priority tools. Communications strategist Graham Machacek and Debra Sharpe, Director of Client Services, Creative Niche, break down the essentials and spill practical advice to help PR, marketing, and advertising professionals score choice career opportunities. Produced at the MediaStyle… [Read more]

Episode 8: JOBLINE: Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing yourself? Great! This isn’t just a catch phrase job hunters toss around between interviews. It’s at the core of optimal career satisfaction. Graham Machacek chats with Debra Sharpe, Director of Client Services, Creative Niche, about igniting career trajectories with revitalized career passions. Practical tips, advice, and resources are abound in this week’s special JOBLINE… [Read more]