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The Voice Episode 101: The Art of Podcasting: Lessons from the CBC

Neil Morrison

An episode on podcasting – how meta, we know! The popularity of podcasts is on the rise – in Canada and around the world. People love them for their intimate nature, the convenience of listening to a good story – any time, any place. But podcasting isn’t for everyone, and nobody knows this better than… [Read more]

The Voice Episode 100: Crisis Communications with Ottawa Police Service


On October 22, 2014 shots rang out downtown Ottawa, killing Corporal Nathan Cirillo as he stood guard at the National War Memorial. This unthinkable act devastated and sparked fear in citizens’ minds, causing a frenzy of conversations and rumours. Where did the assailant flee and where was he headed? Was there also an active shooter… [Read more]

The Voice Episode 99: Why A Communications Career Offers the Knowledge and Skills for the Jobs of the Future

Ursula Gobel

Host Angela Prokopiak, caught up with Ursula Gobel, Associate Vice-President, Future Challenges, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, about her career path and how the experience and skills developed in communications can help you in other potential strategic positions.

The Voice Episode 98: Gamification for Social Good with United Way

Brendan Mullen_United Way Ottawa

With more than 85,000 charities competing for people’s hearts and purse strings in Canada, cutting through the noise to seize people’s attention is increasingly tough for charities, especially with the rise of crowdfunding platforms that now allow anyone to make a direct appeal. United Way Ottawa knew they had to try something different, an approach that would meet people where they were – on mobile devices, on the move, or looking for fun – with an experience that delivered value to them personally, while being non-intrusive in the call to assist others.

The Voice Episode 97: Responding to a Crisis with Refugee 613

Louisa Taylor Refugee 613

When the plight of Syrian refugees reached critical awareness following tragic circumstances, Canadians responded by opening their doors and their hearts to 25,000 refugees in a few short months. But communities were not prepared for the overwhelming number and needs of the newcomers. In Ottawa, Louisa Taylor formed Refugee 613 to “inform, connect and inspire” the various agencies and service providers operating in the refugee space, and to be a bridge to public interests. In this episode, Louisa talks to host Tina Barton about her journey, including the necessary communications infrastructure to put in place, best practices for managing partnerships, fundraising and volunteers, and surprising finds about the Canadian giving spirit.