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The Voice Episode 95: Simplifying Green with Bill Stewart from terra20

Bill Stewart - terra20

In this episode of The Voice, our host Gabriela Warrior Renaud, chats with Bill Stewart, president and co-founder of terra20. They discuss terra20’s vision for simplifying the sourcing of sustainable products. In their two stores in Ottawa, terra20 has over 500 brands covering 18 different product departments. Since 2006, Bill, Steve and the terra20 team have… [Read more]

The Voice Episode 94: Shopify — Strategies for Breakout Success

The Voice Shopify

Host Tina Barton is joined by Shopify’s Brennan Loh, Head of Business Development, and Courtney Symons, Partner Marketing Manager to discuss how to create an environment where innovation lets loose and how to build successful partnerships from the ground up for startup success.

The Voice Episode 93: Growing Ottawa’s Art Gallery with Alexandra Badzak

Alexandra Badzak

Host Gabriela Warrior Renaud chats with Alexandra Badzak, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Ottawa Art Gallery about the Gallery’s Capital Campaign to build a new gallery. They also explore the profile building campaign that Alexandra led when she first became the Gallery’s CEO.

The Voice Episode 92: The Canadian Medical Association “Demands A Plan” From the Federal Government

Dominique Jolicoeur, Joseph Mayer

Host Tina Barton is joined by Demand A Plan lead, Joseph Mayer, VP of Patient and Public Engagement for the Canadian Medical Association, and Dominique Jolicoeur, Advisor of Digital Marketing.

The Voice Episode 91- Strategic Leadership and Crisis Communications: Lessons From Canada West

Host Tina Barton takes us to Calgary, turning it over to guest host Will Tigley, Vice-President of IABC Calgary, who brings us insights from the keynote speakers at the IABC Canada West Region Conference.