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Kate Tenenhouse,

Director, Events Strategy

Kate is a fast-talking, loud-laughing, forward-thinking content maker. She joined United Way East Ontario in December 2020, in the heart of the first pandemic winter. In her current role as Senior Marketing Manager, she leads the planning and production of marketing materials and campaigns. Providing strategic marketing and content development expertise, Kate’s work is all about showcasing United Way’s impact to a variety of audiences. She loves to break down complex ideas into bite-size, scrollable content. She is also the strategic lead for GenNext East Ontario, a social impact movement for people who want to connect with others that are passionate about social issues, learn about challenges in the region, and take action to make our communities better for everyone.
Kate previously worked as a Current Affairs Producer and Communications Officer with CBC Ottawa, telling community stories on radio, TV, and web. She graduated from Carleton University’s journalism program in 2016 and later completed an MA in Communication, where her research focused on podcasts and audience engagement. She has bylines with edible Ottawa, CBC Ottawa, J-Source, and more.

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Annette Kam Mui Pun,

Director, Leadership and Development

Kam Mui Pun, who goes by the name of Annette, was an educator for 18 years before relocating to Ottawa. She has a Bachelor of Art and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well as a Master of Education from the University of Hong Kong. She has rich experience in discovering, developing and stretching young leaders’ potential, having been in charge of different mentorship and leadership programs in her previous career.

While teaching full-time, Annette also worked briefly as a part-time research assistant at the University of Hong Kong and a writer for Marshall Cavendish Education. She was also seconded to the Education Bureau of Hong Kong for a year, during which she worked with her colleagues to refine the English curricula of different schools, conduct centralized professional development workshops, and produce the department’s quarterly newsletter.

Annette is currently a second-year public relations student at Algonquin College. She aspires to put her leadership, organization and multilingual communication skills to good use in a new career in communications and public relations.

Annette is a chocoholic and huge dog lover. Her new-found passions after moving to Canada include ice hockey and hiking.

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Mariia Dias,

Graphic Design Lead

Mariia Dias is a Ukrainian Canadian with over six years of experience as a hotel manager in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. That is how she discovered her passion for Communications. A proud Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskiy National University graduate with a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Technology, she decided to pursue a Communications career at Algonquin College after moving to Canada. Mariia knows how important it is to give back to the community, so she volunteers at the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) as a Workplace Language Trainer.

The Public Relations program at Algonquin College helped her to acquire theoretical and applied knowledge while gaining real-world experience working with not-for-profit organizations, like Parkdale Food Centre, Community Deathcare Ottawa, and Ottawa Riverkeeper, to help them reach their target audiences. Mariia enjoys the Public Relations program, combining theory with hands-on experience in writing, editing, visual communications, communications planning, time/resource management, research and measurement, public speaking, teamwork, media monitoring, and social listening. She believes that all the skills and knowledge that she has gained will help her make our world a better place one day!

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Brett Norbury,

Web Communications Advisor

Brett is a hardworking and active person, with a wide variety of interests, hobbies and experiences. Being a keen user of all forms of web communications, he has a particular interest in the different ways we communicate online, and how this affects our lives. Originally from Vancouver, he studied Political Science and French at Simon Fraser University before moving to Ottawa in 2021. A Francophile and fan of travel, Brett worked, lived and studied in France for two years during his academic studies. This included working as a Tour Guide on Canadian historic site Juno Beach, and studying for two semesters at Sciences Po Strasbourg.Currently working at Elections Canada, Brett has just begin to delve into the word of communications having previously worked in many other diverse fields. Brett enjoys many outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, backcountry skiing in the winter, and backpacking in the summer. When trapped indoors, he enjoys web design, travel, music and reading.

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Shamiul Hossain,

Social Media Lead & Event Assistant

Shamiul Hossain is passionate about digital storytelling and loves connecting with new people. He worked as a newspaper copy editor for more than eight years, collaborating with various stakeholders and gaining insights into audience needs, all while honing his written communication and creative thinking skills. He holds a master’s degree in English Literature.

Shamiul wants to travel more as he finds inspiration in diverse cultures and perspectives. He also enjoys strolling around new places during his free time.

Shamiul is currently enrolled in the public relations program at Algonquin College. He combines his expertise in communication with a strategic understanding of public relations for a more impactful storytelling experience. He can be reached at shamiulbdnews24@gmail.com.

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Jillian Desjardins,

Social Media Lead

Jillian (Jill) Desjardins is a public relations and communications student who is pursuing her education in public relations. She has completed two years at the University of Ottawa in an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations, and is now finishing up her joint program working towards a Diploma at Algonquin College in the same field.

In addition to her role at IABC, Jill has been an Advanced Aquatic Instructor and Supervisor with the City of Ottawa for five years, educating youth about lifeguarding and first aid skills, and is striving to bring that passion and drive for learning and communicating into her work with IABC.

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Alexa McGannon,

Digital Marketing Lead

Alexa moved to Ottawa from Calgary in 2019 to attend Carleton University. Now, she currently works for spark*advocacy as a digital marketer and is finishing her degree in Global and International Studies, hoping to pursue a career in digital marketing. Alexa has a passion for communications, travel, and music. 

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Sadia Sumona,

Junior Consultant, Digital Programming (Podcast Team)

Sadia Sumona is a dedicated and diligent individual, born and raised in the capital city of Bangladesh, and recently moved to Canada to pursue her higher studies, embarking on a new journey. She has completed four years of a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing and worked in the marketing industry for several years. Sadia is currently a full-time student at Algonquin College in the public relations program. Embracing this new chapter, Sadia continues to thrive and blends her past expertise with a warm personality to make meaningful connections in the world of PR. She is dedicated to incorporating her passion and drive for learning and effective communication into her responsibilities at IABC.