Eileen McKeever knows it’s a cliché, but in her case it’s true: No two days are ever the same.

That’s because, when you’re working in internal communications, you aren’t just working in one corner of an organization. You’re communicating with an entire company.

“I love the interaction and collaboration with our internal clients in trying to come up with communications solutions that will work for their programs and initiatives – ensuring that they are properly communicated, promoted and well received by our employees,” says McKeever.

McKeever is the Manager of Employee Communications at NAV CANADA, Canada’s air navigation service provider. Together with a team of five other communications professionals, she handles internal communications for the company and its roughly 4,600 employees.

This can mean everything from supporting the communication of company benefits and wellness programs to producing their flagship newsletter.

“You consistently try to view communications from an employee’s perspective – what do they need to know, how can we reach them, how will this be received and how can we achieve employee understanding and buy-in,” says McKeever.

The company, which celebrated its 20th anniversary as a private company last year, has won several awards over the years, including three International Air Transport Association Eagle Awards for Best Air Navigation Service Provider. NAV CANADA was recently named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and was also on the 2017 Forbes list of Canada’s best employers.

McKeever’s membership in IABC Ottawa has played a role in that success and in her growth as a communicator.

The networking opportunities and events, featuring guest speakers, first drew her in. Since then she’s taken increasing advantage of other IABC resources. IABC Ottawa’s job posting service, Jobline, has been a great source of external candidates for communications positions for which NAV CANADA is hiring.

“IABC provides you with access to so much information and the opportunities to meet and discuss common communications issues with colleagues who are often dealing with very similar challenges,” says McKeever of her membership.

She also wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a position to internal communications to young communicators – even if they’ve never before considered it.

“You’re learning all the time,” says McKeever. “And because you generally work with so many different people in various disciplines within the organization, it gives you a unique perspective and a broader view of the company as a whole.”