We’re looking for enthusiastic communication professionals who are ready for a leadership challenge to join our board of directors for next season or to get involved in the chapter as a volunteer!

This is your opportunity to build your leadership skills, help advance the communications profession, share your expertise and take on a new challenge.

Get Involved: Volunteer

Why volunteer?

IABC Ottawa is a vibrant community for professional communicators who want to thrive in their careers. Volunteering allows you to connect with this network at a deeper level, develop new skills, and propel your career forward.

Applications for volunteers are accepted year round, but right now, we’re looking for volunteers in the following portfolios for next season: Marketing-Communications, Professional Development, Community Engagement, Leadership Development, Membership, and Website and Design. Submit your CV to president@ottawa.iabc.com and be sure to specify your preferred portfolio.

Additionally, there are many other ways you could get involved in the chapter from being on an advisory group to share ideas, hosting Special Interest Groups on a specific topic for members, contribute post-event write-ups and more. If any of these opportunities interest you please let us know: president@ottawa.iabc.com

Call for Board of Directors

Why become a Chapter Leader?

IABC Ottawa’s Chapter Leaders make up the IABC Ottawa Board and they volunteer their time and expertise to run the chapter, host professional development events, connect members to one another, and provide the community with professional resources.

Becoming a Chapter Leader allows you to help set the strategic direction of IABC Ottawa, connect with the community at a deeper level, and further develop yourself as a leader and professional communicator. All members of IABC Ottawa in good standing are welcome to apply to join our board, by submitting a nomination (details below). Positions for our incoming board of directors 2019-2020 are open until June 3rd. We are looking for members who think strategically, are able to problem solve, and ideally have some experience in the chapter.

Nominations are open for Chapter Leaders to take on the following portfolios:

  • Executive Secretary: Champion of internal communications in the chapter as the official chapter record keeper.
  • Executive Vice President: This position is the future chapter President after one year in the role.
  • Marketing Communications: The leader of the Marketing Communications portfolio is responsible for leading a small group of volunteers to create excellent and engaging content for IABC Ottawa’s platforms and channels. This includes the IABC monthly newsletter, e-blasts, website, and social media channels.
  • Finance: The leader of the Finance portfolio is responsible for working with the professional accountant to maintain the overall financial health of IABC Ottawa, as well as managing IABC Ottawa’s Jobline.
  • Professional Development: The leader of the Professional Development portfolio is responsible for leading a small group of volunteers to host networking events, social gatherings, workshops, and professional development sessions for the Ottawa Chapter.
  • Membership: The leader of the Membership portfolio is responsible for all member relations, listening, analysis and working across the chapter to help deliver member value.
  • Leadership Development: The leader of the Leadership Development portfolio is responsible for the chapter’s volunteer relations, including recruitment, as well as creating professional development opportunities at the Board level. They are also responsible for IABC Ottawa’s annual chapter awards.
  • Community Engagement: The leader of community engagement helps build and celebrate the Ottawa chapter of IABC in the local community and beyond through IABC Ottawa’s The Voice podcast and outreach initiatives.


All Chapter Leaders must be IABC members in good standing. To apply to become a Chapter Leader, please submit your CV to and cover letter to president@ottawa.iabc.com. Cover letters should answer three questions:

  • Why is IABC Ottawa important to you?
  • What, if any, is your past volunteer experience with IABC?
  • What skill set, background, and knowledge do you believe you will bring to the Chapter as a new Leader?

Deadline for applications is June 3rd, 2019.

The nomination committee will review all nominations and put forward a slate for approval and election at the Annual General Meeting in June. We will let you know prior to the AGM the status of your nomination.

For more information on any of these opportunities or board responsibilities please contact Samantha Rae Ayoub, President: president@ottawa.iabc.com.