“Communications is the single most important skill for C-suite leaders”

This message was loud and clear at IABC Ottawa’s revived Senior Communicator Series breakfast event on June 15. And while maybe you’d expect anyone to say that to a room full of communicators, it was obvious when it came from the mouth of guest speaker Amy Yee, Chief Digital Officer at Health Standards Organization, that she genuinely meant it. It was also obvious that she both excelled with and benefited from her own strong communications skills.

The lively discussion of 15 senior communicators revolved around the themes of leadership communication, digital transformation and the issue of how to elevate communicators to have a seat at the leadership table.

Amy spoke about her evolution from electrical engineering, to venture capitalist, to digital strategist and now C-Suite executive who is overseeing digital transformation, as well as IT & infrastructure, digital platforms and marketing & communications groups at Health Standards Organization.   

Successful digital transformation relies heavily on communication, both externally and internally.  Corporate intranets and the importance of communicating the value of your internal digital tools to your team is critical to facilitate and champion change in any size organization. The group agreed that communicators play a critical role in both planning and executing these types of tools as well as communicating the value and ensuring teams adopt them.

The hour and a half event flew by—there was no shortage of questions or comments for the speaker or the group—it’s clear that digital transformation and the communications connection to the C-suite is an important topic for senior communicators today.

Senior communicator events are small intimate gatherings with an expert guest facilitator. If you’re interested in attending a future event or have a topic/facilitator suggestion, please contact Kelly Rusk at krusk@banfield.agency



Senior Communicator Series: Communications and the C-Suite

The IABC senior communicators series are events tailored for more seasoned members who have worked 10 or more years at a senior level. Events often focus on face-to-face meeting.


Facilitated discussion with 12-15 senior communicators. The guest speaker/facilitator is an expert on the topic who will give a 10-15 minute informal talk to set the direction, establish credibility and get ideas started for a discussion.

  • 7:00-7:30 arrive, get seated, coffee
  • 7:15-7:30 breakfast is served
  • 7:30-8:15 discussion


Amy Yee is the Chief Digital Officer at the Health Standards Organization (HSO), a not-for-profit that builds global health service standards and innovative assessment programs so people in their local jurisdictions can save and improve lives. In her role, Amy oversees a dynamic enterprise stack of teams that includes marketing, communications, digital platforms, IT services, infrastructure and a transformation portfolio that includes digital transformation of the stakeholder experience. In addition to healthcare, Amy brings experience leading digital transformation initiatives in multiple industries including banking, insurance and engineering. Earlier in her career, Amy obtained a degree in electrical engineering, and gained entrepreneurial perspective by working first in venture capital and then at various tech start-ups. Due to her love of travel, Amy considers herself lucky to be an in-demand speaker, and has spoken in cities around the world including recently Tokyo, New York, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, Toronto and Las Vegas. Amy is also the co-host of The Weekly Stand-up, a show on Blockchain.Radio that examines the latest blockchain developments from a business perspective.


When: Friday, June 15 2018
Time: 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Where: The Rideau Club (99 Bank Street)

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