Kristina Martin, President

Director of Communications


Twitter: @kristinamartin9

Before entering the role as President for IABC Ottawa, Kristina had been volunteering with the chapter for close to 10 years. She is recognized as an excellent communicator and skilled advocate with strong relationships in Ottawa. She currently serves as Director of Communications for Actua, Canada’s largest science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), outreach organization.

Samantha Rae-Ayoub, Past President

Communicator / Strategist / Advisor

Samantha Rae Ayoub Consulting

Twitter: @samanthamrae

Samantha is a seasoned communication professional with nearly 15 years of experience advising organizations and senior leadership. Currently an independent consultant, she works with organizations to improve their communication, planning, and operational efforts, striving to make them more efficient and effective overall. Over the course of her career she has worked professionally or in a volunteer capacity with the Council of Canadian Academies, the Children’s Wish Foundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society designing and implementing communications and operational strategies. She has an MA in Professional Communication and recently obtained her Communication Management Professional Certification.

Kayla Isabelle, Executive VP

Business and Administration Manager

Startup Canada

Twitter: @KaylaMonique

Kayla has over 6 years of strategic communications and project experience across the public, para public, and association sectors. With a blend of vibrant energy and a passion for community building, Kayla is a dedicated volunteer in the Ottawa community.

Raghda Salama, Executive Secretary

Raghda is a big picture thinker who enjoys piecing together all the parts of communications puzzles. She is passionate about applying her strategic thinking to corporate communications and digital marketing. With a degree in political science and communications from the University of Ottawa and experience in various industry (ie. international relations, e-commerce, construction), she is committed to reaching the right people at the right time in the right place.

Christina Stachulak, VP Membership

Senior Policy Advisor, Stakeholder Relations

National Research Council

Twitter: @CStachulak

Christina Stachulak is Senior Policy Advisor, Stakeholder Relations with the National Research Council of Canada.  She has more than 15 years’ experience at the intersection of science communication, innovation, and public policy, in Europe, North America and Asia. For over a decade, she led large-scale, interdisciplinary projects and research teams to inform policy development in Canada. She is skilled in developing networks and engaging stakeholders, having worked with over 150 Canadian and international experts across academia, government, and industry to build consensus and deliver a dozen major programs and reports to clients both internal and external to the Government of Canada. She has a BSc (Hon) in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa and MSc in Science & Technology Policy from the University of Sussex, UK.

Kaleigh Maclaren, Treasurer

Sr. Manager, Communications

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

Twitter: @kaleighmaclaren

Kaleigh is a passionate communicator who asks a lot of questions and enjoys building communication strategies that solve problems . She thrives on learning and taking on new challenges whether at work as Sr. Communications Manager at the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), as an IABC volunteer or trying a new activity (like cooking, improv and snowboarding!).

Amanda Ruddy, VP Professional Development

Owner & Lead Planner

amanda julia events

Twitter: @a_ruddy

Amanda has a decade of experience managing large national events at the National Arts Centre Foundation and the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. Of note, Amanda led the planning of one of the most successful Grey Cup Festival’s in the CFL’s history. Amanda brings multi-faceted experience in sponsorship, event planning, project management and client relations. She is a strategic thinker with a flair for creativity and a love for building experiences that are unique and memorable. Amanda will be launching her own event business, amanda julia events, this fall.

Aniela Cockburn, VP Marketing Communications

Public Relations Specialist

WOW Tech Group

Twitter: @AnielaCockburn

Aniela has recently started a new job as public relations specialist for WOW Tech Group, an international company producing sex toys. Before that she started her career in Public Relations at Edelman, an international PR agency. Having moved to Canada only 4 years ago she knows how important it is to network and to build lasting connections. Therefore she is extremely excited to start the board position of vice-president of marketing communications.

Alexandra Sebben, VP Marketing Communications

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Council of Canadian Academies

Twitter: @alexandrasebben

Alexandra Sebben is a communications professional who has expertise in developing and implementing earned and paid digital and social media strategies and managing the creation and execution of extensive annual publications and events. She currently works for the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) where she works directly with the Communications and Publishing Director to manage the overall project schedule for the Communications and Publishing Team.

Lauren Doty, VP Leadership Development

Acting Manager of Membership Engagement


Twitter: @lauren_dots

Lauren has six years of professional experience in communications. She graduated from Carleton University with a BA Honours in Communication Studies in 2014 and has held various communications positions at Carleton University, the British High Commission, and Colliers International. She currently works at ACFO-ACAF, a federal public service union for accountants, as Acting Manager of Membership Engagement. She is also a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0) facilitator and pursuing a Professional & Personal Coach Certification from Concordia University to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation.  In her spare time, she loves to read, travel, and jog!

Sarah Turnbull, VP Community Engagement

Digital Producer

CTV News

Twitter: @TurnbullSarah

Sarah Turnbull is a media professional based in Ottawa. She currently writes and produces for CTV News’ parliamentary bureau. Prior to this, Sarah helped launch a national podcast network under the banner of The 2020 Network, which hosted five shows focused on policy and current affairs. There, she produced and co-wrote a limited series examining the rise and fall of Canada’s sole 12 female first ministers and why not one has been re-elected to power. Sarah previously spent time at iPolitics, covering the innovation and digital privacy files, and has freelanced for a variety of communications and marketing shops.

Sarah is a dedicated mental health advocate and is excited to take on the role of vice-president of community engagement at IABC.

Stacey Sauve, VP Website and Design

Senior Advisor

Accurate Creative

Twitter: @accuratestacey

Stacey Sauvé brings over 10 years experience in strategic communications and account management. Throughout her career, she’s successfully led hundreds of communications projects, including corporate rebranding exercises, campaign strategies and rollouts, and website design and development.

Past Presidents of IABC Ottawa

2018-2019 – Samantha Rae-Ayoub

2017-2018 – Kaleigh Maclaren

2016-2017 –  Dominique Jolicoeur

2015-2016 – Sherrilynne Starkie

2014-2015 – Tara Lapointe

2013-2014 – Jennifer Birch

2012-2013 – Kelly Rusk

2011-2012 – Kerry Mortimer

2010-2011 – Sandra Markus

2009-2010 – Sandra Markus

2007-2008 – Doug Wotherspoon

2005-2006 – Gord McIntosh

2004-2005 – Malcolm Bernard

2002-2003 – Isabelle Perreault

2003-2004 – Stephen Goban

2000-2001 – Katherine Power

2001-2002 – Wendy Cherwinski

1998-1999 – Stephen Boissonneault

1999-2000 –  Beth Green

1996-1997 Mark Giberson

1997-1998 – Ellen Henderson, ABC

1994-1995 Darrin Shewchuk

1995-1996 – Kate Low

1992-1993 – Sue Rutherford, ABC

1993-1994 – Moria King

1990-1991 – Christine Tausig

1991-1992 – Cathy Sabiston

1988-1989 Peter Johansen

1989-1990 – Freda Fraser

1986-1987 – Don Reimer, ABC

1987-1988 – Mark Giberson

1984-1985 – Richard Chambers

1985-1986 – Rick Green, ABC,MC*

1982-1983 – Catherine Mason

1983-1984 – Oxana Sawka, ABC

1980-1981 – Dave Esler, ABC

1981-1982 – Christopher Bunting, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow 

1979-1980 – Jan Logan

1978-1979 – Joel Levesque

1976-1977 Lorne Darlington

1977-1978 – Rick Green, ABC, MC*

1975 – Lucille Tessier

1976 – Lorne Darlington

ABC = Accredited Business Communicator
MC = Master Communicator