Award-winning digital strategist Priscilla Kosseim has spent her career networking and making strong relationships with other professionals. Long ago, she learned that developing authentic relationships through networking was more likely to offer her: career advice, raise her profile, and even give her access to “the hidden job market.” At IABC Ottawa’s Season Opener on October 2nd, Priscilla gave members insight into how to build their net worth through networking.

Get your pitch ready
A pitch is your 30 second chance to show someone your value. Before an event, think about your value proposition and what you aspire to achieve in your career. Is there a way for you to share this with the person you’re networking with that will make them think wow, I NEED to keep this conversation going?

Find common ground
Treat everyone you meet as someone you want to be friends with. Find things in common and start a conversation around that topic. People are more likely to remember a personal conversation they enjoyed over small talk about work. For example, wine. Priscilla once spent three hours talking to other professionals about wine to make sure they remembered who she was after the event.

Move the conversation
Starting a conversation is the easy part. Keeping it going is a little more difficult. Try to naturally progress the conversation by sharing what you do, moving on to other general topics, or asking them questions about themselves.

Build the relationship
Make sure you follow up with your new connections after a networking event online and keep the relationship growing offline. Grab a coffee, shadow them at their workplace for the day, or find out if they’re working on an interesting project you want to help them with. The goal here is to become more than someone they see occasionally in their newsfeed.

Keep yourself marketable
If you’ve made it this far you know that building successful relationships is the key to networking like a boss. You might have snagged a good connection or two, but try to keep your options open. In the professional world, your network is your net worth. Continue attending networking events to show others your value, regardless of whether or not you are looking for a job. Keep up with IABC Ottawa’s events to use Priscilla’s tips next time it’s your turn to network.