We offer a range of events to help our members and the greater community grow their knowledge, develop skills and build connections through professional development and networking events. Whether you are starting your career or working with C-Suite there are events to help power your communications career.

Members get a special rate to all events and only members can attend Special Interest Groups (SIGs). SIGs are small events with a focused topic where attendees can share experiences, ask questions and work on solutions together.


Upcoming Events

Communicating Contentious Issues

How do you communicate contentious issues such as the legalization of marijuana, issues that involve corporate ethics, and other topics that are dividing the world, when they’re so polarizing? Join us for a panel with communicators who are currently working on the front line messaging and perception for many of these topics. Learn about the…

Tips and techniques for stellar speech writing and presentations

We are in the age of TED Talks, where speakers draw you in with fascinating tales and informative tips. Whether you do public speaking yourself, or you’re behind the scenes preparing slide decks and speeches, upping your skills in this area is incredibly valuable in a communications career. This is a free member-only event!  Register…