Tips and FAQs

Tips for Posting a Job to Jobline

For optimal results, remember to include these details in your ad:

  1. Introduction
    • Full name of organization
    • Job title – use complete words in title (i.e. Senior instead of Sr.)
  2. Level of position
    • Junior (0-5 years of experience)
    • Intermediate (5-10 years of experience)
    • Senior (10+ years of experience)
  3. Duration of position
    • Indicate the duration – full-time, contract, part-time, temporary, internship, volunteers or project based
  4. Language requirements
    • English, French, or bilingual
  5. Description of the opportunity
    • Use key words that attract the right candidates
    • Include a few sentences to introduce your company/organization, who you are, what you do, etc.
    • Provide a job description that summarizes the role, responsibilities and expectations, and states to whom the position reports
    • Salary range/compensation information is optional. Note that a broad salary range allows job seekers to self-select positions more quickly.
  6. Qualifications
    • Provide a brief summary of the skill sets, years of experience, education level and unique qualifications required
  7. Details on how to apply
    • Provide specific details regarding the application process including a link to an application portal, or your name, email address and a submission deadline date

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes after the job has been posted?

You are permitted to make minor changes and additions once a job has been posted. However, the changes will only affect the job ad on the IABC Ottawa Jobline website. Changes cannot be made to our newsletter or email.

If you require any major changes to a position, it would be considered a new job posting. Please contact Sam Burke, Director of Jobline, for more information.

I am not an IABC member, but someone in my office is. Are we eligible for the member’s rate?

Yes. To receive the member’s rate you will need to provide the name and member number of the IABC member.

How long will my job ad be on the website?

All Jobline ads are set to auto-expire one month after they are posted. If you would like your ad to be posted for longer, you may purchase additional months for $100.

Does the IABC member within my organization need to request the job posting?
No. You can complete the job posting without the IABC member as long as you provide their name and membership number.

Is there spell check for job postings?
The Jobline team reviews all job postings before they are posted. If you find an error, please contact Sam Burke, Director of Jobline, immediately.

How can I get more information or provide feedback?
Send an email to the Jobline team at