What are the major trends in communications measurement and social media evaluation? How will these trends shape the development of the communications field moving forward?

Join us on May 2nd for this IABC member-only event on communications measurement and evaluation. This Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide participants with the opportunity to discuss current challenges they face around evaluation, and brainstorm solutions to provide more effective indicators of success in their organizations.

When: May 2, 2018 at 6:00 PM

Where: Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) – 979 Bank Street

Cost: This event is free for current IABC Ottawa members but you must RSVP as spots are limited.

The evening’s conversation will be hosted by Sherrilynne Starkie. Sherrilynne is an award-winning digital communications consultant with more than 20 years agency experience in Canada, Britain and the USA. She has an international reputation as a social media innovator, is a prolific blogger and podcaster and is an active IABC volunteer. She assists organizations in dealing with big challenges–everything from market disruption (think Uber) to aging workforces (think trade unions) to reputation management (think citizen engagement) through effective digital strategies. She currently sits on IABC Canada Eastern Regional Board and volunteers with the Ottawa Senators Foundation.

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