Want to shine in your career? IABC Certification will help you stand out.

Certification means lifelong learning and ongoing recognition for your development as your career progresses. Certification will help you grow into new roles, and achieve higher levels at the strategic management table.

Beginning this year, a series of certification levels will be established. The Global Communication Certification Council (GCCCR) has developed this certification program, including ongoing professional development requirements on the Global Standard established by IABC.

Here’s what IABC’s Certification Champion, and recent CMP graduate Priya Bates (President, Inner Strength Communication) has to say about her recent certification:

Why did you decide to pursue the CMP qualification?
I’m an early adopter. I wanted to go through the process personally so that I could talk about it to peers and people I mentored. It’s one thing to talk about something in theory and another to talk about something having been through it. It gives you more credibility. I was also curious about this new process relative to the ABC.

What did you learn from the process of applying and sitting the exam?
To apply, you really need to have a record of your PD activity in the past two years to meet the criteria. I’m an active member who attends local, regional and international PD programs regularly but I didn’t have it written down. Now I need a new process for maintenance so that I record PD as it happens. The exam was thorough and harder than I thought it would be. It really focused on your experience and knowledge across the spectrum of what it means to be a Communication Professional. I found it a little unnerving that there was little prep material. But I’d done all the work before. It forced you to think critically.

What advice would you give to others who might be considering applying to become a CMP?
Start tracking your Professional Development activity locally, nationally, and internationally. Remember to track the name, who offered it, the date and how many hours the session ran. This chart on your development will also come in handy during the maintenance phase.

Who would you recommend undertakes CMP and why?
If you are a communicator 5-7 years in your field. Get your credentials. It is globally recognized and you have this sense of personal accomplishment. We are in a field where non-communicators feels they can do what we do just as well. That they don’t need to hire a professional to be successful. A non-communicator could not pass this exam. In fact, I’m thinking some communicators will struggle. This program will establish what it means to be a professional communicator. If you are more senior or an ABC, it give you a chance to transition to the new certification process and be accountable for staying up to date with communication practice.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from Priya about the program and the process to get started. Take the first step by learning more about the program here, you can read the handbook  and sign up so that you’ll be updated as news becomes available. We are creating some professional development programs that will help you in your journey to certification, and to a bigger, shinier career. A new exam date has been announced for October 17 in Toronto. There will be another one in April 2016. If you have any questions about Certification contact gccc@iabc.com.