Like others over the past month, we have observed communications professionals around the world come together to offer their tips and tricks for how to effectively work from home. In an effort to positively contribute to this narrative, here are a few resources that we found to be helpful to the community here in Ottawa.

Internal Communications
Many organizations are navigating how to adapt their internal communication strategies to remote work. From C-suite updates about ongoing business to how to keep team meetings running effectively, it is important to keep information free flowing. Here are some resources we found helpful for navigating internal communications at work.


How to Work from Home
Working from home can be difficult as many people notice a dip in their productivity levels, a struggle to adjust to a new routine, and ways to compensate for face-to-face time with colleagues. This is normal and many organizations are now operating under the motto – business as possible. From putting away distractions to optimizing your work space here are some tips to help keep you on track.

Branding Do’s and Don’ts
COVID- 19 has shifted the way brands interact with their audiences. Now the focus is not on how to sell new products/services, rather how your brand can contribute to finding a solution to COVID-19 or how to support those most affected by the disease. Because we are all learning how to navigate this new space as we go, here are some tips we have turned to help us identify branding do’s and don’ts.


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